Genesis and a bit of history: Hardy-Ramanujan Journal was started in 1978 with R. Balasubramanian and K. Ramachandra as its founder editors. The first 33 volumes of this journal also carried a subheading ‘A Journal devoted to primes, diophantine equations, transcendental numbers and other questions on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, . . .’ and the original aims of this initiative were clearly expressed in the first volume (see http://hrj.episciences.org/public/volumes/12/1Announcements.pdf). About two years after the passing away of K. Ramachandra in 2011, a decision to continue this journal was taken by a new team of editors, consisting mostly of people who took interest in and had contributed to the journal in the past, keeping the overall aim of the journal as when it was founded (see http://hrj.episciences.org/public/volumes/45/34_35Editorial.pdf). Thus, the combined Volumes 34 & 35 and Volume 36 were released in August and December of 2013 respectively, with just Hardy-Ramanujan Journal (HRJ) as the title. HRJ is published by the non-commercial, not-for-profit academic portal Hardy-Ramanujan Society.

HRJ entered the Episciences platform in 2014. Episciences.org is developped by the Center for the Direct Scientific Communication.

The entire published collection is available for free access hereHRJ is enlisted in the UGC-CARE List, and has acquired ISSN certification.


Volumes 43 and 44 of HRJ are dedicated to the fond memory of Srinivasa Ramanujan. Bruce Berndt and Atul Dixit are the guest editors of the above two Volumes.

 We deeply regret to inform that Professor Aleksandar Ivić, one of our esteemed colleagues in the editorial board of HRJ, passed away on 27th December 2020.