Volume 25 - 2002

1. Some problems of Analytic number theory IV

R Balasubramanian ; K Ramachandra.
In the present paper, we use Ramachandra's kernel function of the second order, namely ${\rm Exp} ((\sin z)^2)$, which has some advantages over the earlier kernel ${\rm Exp} (z^{4a+2})$ where $a$ is a positive integer. As an outcome of the new kernel we are able to handle $\Omega$-theorems for error terms in the asymptotic formula for the summatory function of the coefficients of generating functions of the ${\rm Exp}(\zeta(s)), {\rm Exp\,Exp}(\zeta(s))$ and also of the type ${\rm Exp\,Exp}((\zeta(s))^{\frac{1}{2}})$.

2. On totally reducible binary forms: II.

C Hooley.
Let $f$ be a binary form of degree $l\geq3$, that is, a product of linear forms with integer coefficients. The principal result of this paper is an asymptotic formula of the shape $n^{2/l}(C(f)+O(n^{-\eta_l+\varepsilon}))$ for the number of positive integers not exceeding $n$ that are representable by $f$; here $C(f)>0$ and $\eta_l>0$.