Volume 34-35 - 2013

1. K. Ramachandra : Reminiscences of his Students.

A Sankaranarayanan ; Mangala J Narlikar ; K Srinivas ; K G Bhat.
This article contains obituary notes written by friends of K. Ramachandra who was one of the founding editors of the Hardy Ramanujan Journal.

2. K. Ramachandra: Reminiscences of his Friends.

M. P Murthy ; Michel Waldschmidt ; K Soundararajan ; Prabhakar Vaidya ; Matti Jutila.
This article contains obituary notes written by students of K. Ramachandra who was one of the founding editors of the Hardy Ramanujan Journal.

3. On the Half Line: K Ramachandra.

Nilotpal Kanti Sinha.
This is a short biographical note on the life and works of K. Ramachandra, one of the leading mathematicians in the field of analytic number theory in the second half of the twentieth century.

4. The work of K. Ramachandra in algebraic number theory

M. Ram Murty.
We give a brief survey of three papers of K. Ramachandra in algebraic number theory. The first paper is based on his thesis and appeared in the Annals of Mathematics and titled, ``Some Applications of Kronecker's Limit Formula.'' The second paper determines a system of fundamental units for the cyclotomic field and is titled, ``On the units of cyclotomic fields.'' This appeared in Acta Arithmetica. The third deals with relative class numbers and is titled, ``The class number of relative abelian fields.'' This appeared in Crelle's Journal.

5. On Ramachandra's Contributions to Transcendental Number Theory

Michel Waldschmidt.
The first part of this paper is a survey on Ramachandra's contribution to transcendental number theory included in his 1968 paper in Acta Arithmetica. It includes a discussion of pseudo-algebraic points of algebraically additive functions. The second part deals with applications to density statements related with a conjecture due to B.~Mazur. The next part is a survey of other contributions of Ramachandra to transcendence questions (on the numbers $2^{\pi^k}$, a note on Baker's method, an easy transcendence measure for $e$). Finally, related open questions are raised.

6. Mathematical Reminiscences: How to Keep the Pot Boiling

K Ramachandra.
Analytic number theory deals with the application of analysis, both real and complex, to the study of numbers. It includes primes, transcendental numbers, diophantine equations and other questions. The study of the Riemann zeta-function $\zeta(s)$ is intimately connected with that of primes. \par In this note, edited specially for this volume by K. Srinivas, some problems from a handwritten manuscript of Ramachandra are listed.