Volume 40 - 2017

1. Dual Ramanujan-Fourier series

Noboru Ushiroya.
Let cq(n) be the Ramanujan sums. Many results concerning Ramanujan-Fourier series f (n) = ∞ q=1 aqcq(n) are obtained by many mathematicians. In this paper we study series of the form f (q) = ∞ n=1 ancq(n), which we call dual Ramanujan-Fourier series. We extend Lucht's theorem and Delange's theorem to this case and obtain some results.

2. On the Riesz means of δ k (n)

Saurabh Singh.
Let k ≥ 1 be an integer. Let δ k (n) denote the maximum divisor of n which is co-prime to k. We study the error term of the general m-th Riesz mean of the arithmetical function δ k (n) for any positive integer m ≥ 1, namely the error term E m,k (x) where 1 m! n≤x δ k (n) 1 − n x m = M m,k (x) + E m,k (x). We establish a non-trivial upper bound for E m,k (x) , for any integer m ≥ 1.

3. Non-vanishing of Dirichlet series without Euler products

William D. Banks.
We give a new proof that the Riemann zeta function is nonzero in the half-plane {s ∈ C : σ > 1}. A novel feature of this proof is that it makes no use of the Euler product for ζ(s).