Volume 36 - 2013

1. On the class number formula of certain real quadratic fields

K Chakraborty ; S Kanemitsu ; T Kuzumaki.
In this note we give an alternate expression of class number formula for real quadratic fields with discriminant $d \equiv 5\, {\rm mod}\, 8$. %Dirichlet's classical class number formula for real quadratic fields expresses `class number' in somewhat `transcend' manner, which was simplified by P. Chowla in the special case when the discriminant $d = p \equiv 5\,{\rm mod}\, 8$ is a prime. We use another form of class number formula and transform it using Dirichlet's $1/4$-th character sums. Our result elucidates other generalizations of the class number formula by Mitsuhiro, Nakahara and Uhera for general real quadratic fields.

2. On the Riesz means of $\frac{n}{\phi(n)}$

A Sankaranarayanan ; Saurabh Kumar Singh.
Let $\phi(n)$ denote the Euler-totient function. We study the error term of the general $k$-th Riesz mean of the arithmetical function $\frac {n}{\phi(n)}$ for any positive integer $k \ge 1$, namely the error term $E_k(x)$ where \[ \frac{1}{k!}\sum_{n \leq x}\frac{n}{\phi(n)} \left( 1-\frac{n}{x} \right)^k = M_k(x) + E_k(x). \] The upper bound for $\left | E_k(x) \right |$ established here thus improves the earlier known upper bound when $k=1$.

3. Ramanujan series for arithmetical functions

M. Ram Murty.
We give a short survey of old and new results in the theory of Ramanujan expansions for arithmetical functions.

4. I am fifty-five years old

K Ramachandra.
This is an autobiographical article published posthumously.