Volume 38 - 2015

1. On congruences for certain sums of E. Lehmer's type

Shigeru Kanemitsu ; Takako Kuzumaki ; Jerzy Urbanowicz.
Let n > 1 be an odd natural number and let r (1 < r < n) be a natural number relatively prime to n. Denote by χn the principal character modulo n. In Section 3 we prove some new congruences for the sums T r,k (n) = n r ] i=1 (χn(i) i k) (mod n s+1) for s ∈ {0, 1, 2}, for all divisors r of 24 and for some natural numbers k.We obtain 82 new congruences for T r,k (n), which generalize those obtained in [Ler05], [Leh38] and [Sun08] if n = p is an odd prime. Section 4 is an appendix by the second and third named authors. It contains some new congruences for the sums Ur(n) = n

2. Remarks on the impossibility of a Siegel-Shidlovskii like theorem for G-functions

T Rivoal.
The Siegel-Shidlovskii Theorem states that the transcendence degree of the field generated over Q(z) by E-functions solutions of a differential system of order 1 is the same as the transcendence degree of the field generated over Q by the evaluation of these E-functions at non-zero algebraic points (expect possibly at a finite number of them). The analogue of this theorem is false for G-functions and we present conditional and unconditional results showing that any intermediate numerical transcendence degree can be obtained.

3. Algebraic independence results on the generating Lambert series of the powers of a fixed integer

Peter Bundschuh ; Keijo Väänänen.
In this paper, the algebraic independence of values of the functionG d (z) := h≥0 z d h /(1 − z d h), d > 1 a fixed integer, at non-zero algebraic points in the unit disk is studied. Whereas the case of multiplicatively independent points has been resolved some time ago, a particularly interesting case of multiplicatively dependent points is considered here, and similar results are obtained for more general functions. The main tool is Mahler's method reducing the investigation of the algebraic independence of numbers (over Q) to the one of functions (over the rational function field) if these satisfy certain types of functional equations.

4. Effective irrationality measures for quotients of logarithms of rational numbers

Yann Bugeaud.
We establish uniform irrationality measures for the quotients of the logarithms of two rational numbers which are very close to 1. Our proof is based on a refinement in the theory of linear forms in logarithms which goes back to a paper of Shorey.

5. Baker's Explicit abc-Conjecture and Waring's problem

Shanta Laishram.
The conjecture of Masser-Oesterlé, popularly known as abc-conjecture has many consequences. We show that Waring's problem is a consequence of an explicit version of abc−conjecture due to Baker.