Volume 29 - 2006

1. On polynomials that equal binary cubic forms.

C Hooley.
Let $F(x)$ be a cubic polynomial with rational integral coefficients with the property that, for all sufficiently large integers $n,\,F(n)$ is equal to a value assumed, through integers $u, v$, by a given irreducible binary cubic form $f(u,v)=au^3+bu^2v+cuv^2+dv^3$ with rational integral coefficients. We prove that then $F(x)=f(u(x),v(x))$, where $u=u(x), v=v(x)$ are linear binomials in $x$.

2. On the periodic Hurwitz zeta-function.

A Javtokas ; A LaurinĨikas.
In this paper, an universality theorem in the Voronin sense for the periodic Hurwitz zeta-function is proved.

3. A remark on a theorem of A. E. Ingham.

K G Bhat ; K Ramachandra.
Referring to a theorem of A. E. Ingham, that for all $N\geq N_0$ (an absolute constant), the inequality $N^3\leq p\leq(N+1)^3$ is solvable in a prime $p$, we point out in this paper that it is implicit that he has actually proved that $\pi(x+h)-\pi(x) \sim h(\log x)^{-1}$ where $h=x^c$ and $c (>\frac{5}{8})$ is any constant. Further, we point out that even this stronger form can be proved without using the functional equation of $\zeta(s)$.